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《时尚博客》是一本在线杂志,人们可以在该杂志上撰写文章,分享关于时尚主题的时尚主题的想法,涵盖各个层面的时尚产业,服装和个人风格:从国际知名品牌到不知名的新设计师(Cabrer,2013)。 第一个时尚博客出现在2000年初。时尚相关博客的数量从几十个增长到数百个,并且数量呈稳步上升趋势。 时尚博客可以由专业博主和业余博客在很多方面撰写,如真实忏悔、无耻的索赔、魔鬼的拥护者等等。 最着名的时尚博客包括,The Sartorialist,The Budget Fashionista和Splendora。时尚博客在短短几年内就显著地改变了时尚产业,与时尚相关的博主为在线读者提供了一种全新的方式来追赶时尚潮流(Grechen,2014)。
Fashion blog is as an online journal in which people can write posts and share thoughts about fashion topics covering the fashion industry, clothing, and personal style of various levels: from internationally renowned brands to unknown new designers (Cabrer, 2013). The first fashion blog appeared at beginning of the year of 2000. By 2006, the number of fashion-related blogs was grown from several dozens to hundreds worldwide, and the number showed a steadily upward trend. Fashion blog can be written by professional blogger and amateur blogger in many aspects, such as True Confessions, Outrageous Claims, Devil’s Advocate, and so on. The most famous fashion blogs include, The Sartorialist, The Budget Fashionista, and Splendora. The fashion blogging has significantly changed the fashion industry within only a few years, fashion-related bloggers provide online readers a completely new way to catch up with fashion trends (Grechen, 2014).

Upsurge of the Fashion Bloggers时尚博客热潮

The fashion blogging industry explodes at an unprecedented speed and there is an increasingly rising numbers in fashion blogs.

The booming of fashion blogs reflects the self-expression demands of those who are engaged in the fashion industry, outsiders, people who acquire a lot about fashion and people who have a desire to work in the industry. In digitalisation time, everybody can be a writer creating hundreds or even millions of views within just 24 hours. The blogosphere creates ways for ordinary people to participate in the ‘elite’ fashion world. In 2007, Robin Givhan, who is a fashion writer and former blogger winning the Pulitzer Prize pointed out in Harpers Bazaar that“The rise of the fashion blogger has evolved fashion from an aristocratic business dominated by omnipotent designers into a democratic one in which everyone has access to stylistic clothes…the average people, too often estranged from fashion, is now taking ownership of it” (Givhan, 2007). 

Influence of Fashion Blogging on Online Readers 时尚博客对网络读者的影响

Compared with fashion-focused magazines and television shows, fashion blogs are easier to be accessed and updated. The choices for the online readers become diversified. Online fashion blogs make everything possible, it allows readers to view the latest photos of street style and updated high-level fashion shows. The diversified distribution of fashion information makes the online readers easier to participate in and hear different voices (Mendola, 2014).

Interaction on the blog itself is also important. Fashion Bloggers need to be able to create relationships with the online readers, evaluate the status of their readership, and also feedback from the readers. “If you want to become more influential with your online community, focus on providing value, building strong relationships with your followers and other trusted bloggers” (Redsicker, 2013). 
Another influence is that the online readers’ artistic accomplishments would be gradually formed and humanities have been greatly enhanced through fashion blogs. When the online readers begin to focus on fashion, and positively involve themselves into the dissemination and discussion of fashion, the philosophical thoughts of arts would be deepened and the humanity spirits and aesthetic appreciation would be sublimed (Nichols, 2010). 

Advantages and Development of Fashion Blogging时尚博客的优势与发展

Fashion blogging is currently transformed from a divertive hobby into a practical new media form. Many big media organizations have started fashion blogs and fashion blogs are increasingly an important part of a mainstream fashion press. A st

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